The VCU Department of PM&R wishes to promote a greater understanding and appreciation of research among residents and every attempt will be made to facilitate this. Residents complete a research and/or quality improvement project during their residency with a departmental faculty adviser. Resident research updates are held semi-annually with a goal to have research projects presented at a national PM&R meeting.


  • Angel Chang (PGY4) – Reciprocal Relationships of Saturated & Polyunsaturated Fat w/ Body Composition in Persons with SCI. (Mentor: Dr. Gorgey), submitted AAPMR 2015
  • Greg Condie (PGY4) – Residency Certification in Battlefield Acupuncture (Mentor: Dr. Drake)
  • Joelle Makon (PGY4) – Ultrasound-guided Botox Injection of the Psoas Muscle Using a Posterior Approach: Case Report (Mentor: Dr. Murphy), poster submission AAPMR 2015
  • Heather Martin (PGY4) – Body Composition Changes with Aging & Cessation of Exercise after SCI (Mentor: Dr. Gorgey), submission AAPMR 2015
  • Jimmy Newman (PGY4) – Evaluation of the Appropriateness of Clinical Institute Withdrawal Assessment in Patients with Traumatic Brain Injury (Mentor: Dr. Carter)
  • Dan Contract (PGY3) – Correlation between PRP Composition and Clinical/Imaging Outcomes (Mentor: Dr. Hickman)
  • Anne Eliason (PGY3) – Resident Observed Clinical Assessment (Mentor: Dr. McKinley)
  • Michael Kwasniewski (PGY3) – Amputee Education (Mentors: Dr. McGowan and Dr. Graham)
  • Jack Smith (PGY3) – Improving Urine Drug Screening in Pain Management (Mentor: Dr. Silver)
  • Sean Stockhausen (PGY3) – Reducing cost and morbidity on the Polytrauma Unit with regards to the use of the Urinalysis (Mentor: Dr. Tower)
  • Godfrey Thuku (PGY3) – Skin Wound Assessment Team (Mentor: Dr. McKinley)


Mentors assist residents with projects that lead to meaningful clinical change. Dissemination of knowledge gleaned from research occurs at national meetings and within nationally recognized journals.

  • Wiaam Ahmed – Gender differences in pain treatment at a university-affiliated pain clinic (Mentor: Dr. Silver), poster AAPMR 2014
  • Chris Bednarek – FIM Certification for Residents (Mentor: Dr. Pai), poster AAPMR 2014
  • Revati Mummaneni – Gender Differences in Visceral Adiposity after Spinal Cord Injury (Mentor: Dr. Gorgey), poster AAPMR 2015
  • William Robbins – Palliative Management of heavily exudative chronic Pressure Ulcers in SCI: Case report (Mentor: Dr. Caruso), poster AAPMR 2014
  • Brad Stovall – Introductory Musculoskeletal Ultrasound Course for PM&R Residents (Mentors: Dr. Goldberg, Dr. Murphy and Dr. Graham), AAP 2014


VCU PM&R residents learn the art of manuscript writing and preparation during training. This last hurdle of research is a collaborative effort between resident and mentor. VCU PM&R has a history of publishing research in well-recognized journals and texts:


  • Pai A, Darko I, Robbins W. Moderate & Severe TBI in PM&R Patient-Centered Care. Demos Medical, 165-176, 2015
  • Goldberg G, Stockhausen S. Book Review: Atlas of Anatomy, General Anatomy and Musculoskeletal System. AJPMR, e23, 2015


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